Basics of Commercial Auto Insurance in Sunrise Manor, NV; Purpose of Coverage, What a Policy Covers & More

Commercial auto insurance is essential for a number of different businesses. Commercial auto insurance is a specialized policy that helps protect a business against liability or damages involving a car accident. For a business has both a vehicle and a driver on the road, you do not want to go without commercial auto insurance. If a business owner is trying to determine if they need commercial auto insurance, InsureWise will cover the basics on commercial auto insurance and what companies need to seek this type of coverage.

What Does a Commercial Insurance Policy Cover?

A commercial auto insurance is designed to help protect the company if their vehicles and drivers are involved or at fault in a car accident. Most basic commercial auto insurance covers:

Liability Damages
• Bodily Injury – Medical expenses as a result of the auto accident when you or your driver is at fault.
• Property Damage – Damage repair or replacement cost of the other person(s) property that was involved in the accident.

Physical Damages Covers
• Collision – Damages from the Auto Accident
• Comprehensive – Damages from Weather, Theft and Non-Collision Related Scenarios
A commercial auto insurance policy is designed to help cover the various costs as the result of an accident. For a business that has cars on the road, you will never know when your employees and vehicles will be involved in an accident. To avoid a major unexpected expense and possible lawsuit, it is best to protect you and your business by having the right coverage.

What is the Purpose of Commercial Auto Insurance?

Some business owners may be surprised to discover that they should have commercial auto insurance coverage. Some business owners do not make money with their vehicles, so what do they need commercial auto insurance coverage for? If you have a vehicle on the road for business purposes, and even for smaller tasks, you should have commercial auto insurance. If your vehicles are used for the business, carry a commercial tag or license plate, or is registered commercially, you will want commercial auto insurance. There are some occasions where a vehicle is used on behalf of the business that don’t always carry commercial auto insurance and should such as:
– Driving Clients
– Going on Sale Calls
-Dropping off Packages
– Shop or Pick Up Supplies
These are some examples where a vehicle is on the road on behalf of the business that most businesses never consider that they need commercial auto insurance for. However, if an employee was on the road performing errands for the business and is involved in an accident, the business will be liable.

Insurance for Businesses that Make Money Driving Around

Then there are those business owners that rely much more heavily on vehicles and drivers to make money. Some examples of these businesses are:
• Towing and Roadside Assistant Service
• Food Delivery and other Goods
• Taxi, Limo and other Chauffeur Services
• Transportation of Goods and Products -Trucking Industries
• Moving and Freight Services
If your business requires a vehicle on the road, you already know you will need to have a good commercial auto insurance policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance Policies & More in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Paradise, Spring Valley, Sunrise Manor, Enterprise, Sparks, Carson City & State of Nevada

Not all commercial auto insurances are the same. As there is the basic coverage, you can create a more personalized policy coverage to better protect your business. For commercial auto insurance and more, contact InsureWise LLC today.

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