How Long Does it Take to Get Life Insurance After Applying in Tuscany Village, NV? Do I Need a Medical Exam?

It is always best to plan for the future in whatever way possible. You never know what is waiting for you around the corner. All we know is that today is a gift. One of the best ways to plan for the unexpected is to apply for life insurance to take care of those you love if something should happen to you. Aside from filling out an application for life insurance, many people don’t know what the process looks like. InsureWise is here to talk about what the life insurance process looks like.

What Questions are Asked on a Life Insurance Application?

Whenever you decide to apply for life insurance, there are a few things that you’re going to need. There is some information that will be needed.
– Driving history
– Hospital stays
– Prescription medication
– Foreign travel
– Physician information
– Recent medical diagnosis

Can You Lie when Getting Life Insurance?

Depending on the answers that you share above, there may be some more information that is needed. Some companies may ask for things like an echocardiogram, paramedical exam or even a phone interview before moving forward. It may be tempting to fudge the numbers a little on your application, but it is extremely important that you are completely honest when you’re filling out your application. If you aren’t, it could lead to higher premiums or a declined application all together. In some cases, loved ones have been denied the benefits when they go to make a claim.

Do All Life Insurance Policies Require a Medical Exam?

Not all insurance companies or types of insurance require a medical exam. If you are asked to do a paramedical exam, don’t worry. This is a great opportunity for you to see where your health is at. They will gather some information about you including your blood pressure, height, weight, and will also ask you several medical questions about your health. You may be asked to give a blood and urine sample as well. Usually, this process only takes around 30 minutes from start to finish. You may also decide to work with a company that doesn’t require a medical exam at all.

Is it Worth Getting Life Insurance Through Employer?

Some employers will offer life insurance through them. However, you should use caution when choosing to go this route. While there is very little underwriting that is required, there are other limitations usually. If you don’t continue employment with that company, there is a good chance that your benefits will be null and void as well. Make sure you know what your options are.

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The life insurance application process is a necessary part of getting coverage. However, a typical life insurance application can take about five to six weeks to process. When it comes to choosing the right life insurance for yourself, there is no right or wrong answer. It is a very personal decision, and everyone has different insurance needs. If you’re looking for the right life insurance policy, you can turn to InsureWise to help you find the perfect policy for your lifestyle. We will do the work so that you don’t have to. Call us today or click here to complete and submit this quick and easy quote form.

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