Is it Better to have Multiple Cars on One Policy in Dayton, NV? What Can Increase & Decrease Premiums?

When you have a household that has more than one car, you may want to do your homework when it comes to getting the right auto insurance to cover them and those that will be driving them. Making sure you have the coverage you need in the case that something goes wrong is an absolute must. Finding the right plan can be somewhat overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking at. InsureWise LLC is here to share some thoughts on buying multi-car auto insurance for your family.

Car Insurance is Required to Drive

Car insurance is one of those necessary evils that we all have to deal with. If you have multiple cars in your household, they all need to be listed on a policy as well as the people that will be driving them the most. You want to make sure that the insurance policy you have on your cars is going to be sufficient that you won’t get stuck when an accident happens, and you don’t have the coverage that you needed. It is important that you have ample coverage.

One Car Insurance Policy is Easy & Convenient

Sometimes, people who have multiple cars don’t have them all covered under one policy. This isn’t only inconvenient, but it can also be more expensive to do it this way. You can find yourself dealing with more than one company, different renewal dates, and claims experiences that often vary as well. When you have all of your cars covered under one policy, it can truly simplify your life.

Policy Holders & Title Insurance

Something that is important to remember about auto insurance policies is that the policy holder has to be named on the title of the vehicle that is covered. If you have cars that don’t have the policy holder on each of the titles, there will have to be separate policies for those vehicles. Even though they have different policies for the vehicles, the other family members can be listed as drivers on the policies though.

What Can Decrease Insurance Premiums

There are several milestones that can leave you thinking about your auto insurance policies and possibly making changes to them. Here are some common milestones to think about:
– Marriage
– New drivers
– Purchase of a new car
– Teen drivers
– Discounts & savings

Adding Another Car Increases Insurance

Anytime you add more vehicles and drivers to your insurance policy, you are going to see an increase in the rate you get. This is especially true when you add teenage drivers as they are deemed high-risk drivers. You can bundle cars and drivers together in one policy as well as homeowner’s insurance to get better rates often times.

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