Boat & Personal Watercraft (PWC) Insurance

From day one, you want to ensure your boat or watercraft of any kind is protected when you first consider investing in one. With a commitment to provide every boat owner with the quality marine insurance they deserve, InsureWise LLC can find the insurance to help protect you the most.

Is Boat Insurance Worth Getting?

Waterways are not much different than public roadways and the boats and watercrafts are not much different than motor vehicles. While boating, there are even speed limits, traffic lanes and laws You are facing accident risks and other liabilities that are not that different from those faced by the average driver whenever you take your boat out for a cruise. As a result, you need to protect both yourself and your property value against the risk that costly, unforeseeable challenges might arise at any time. In order to help you afford to recover from these challenges, boat insurance will provide the restitution.

What Does a Boat & Watercraft Insurance Policy Cover?

Boat and Watercraft Insurance coverage generally includes the following:
Medical Payments: For the policyholder and their passengers after an accident, this covers medical expenses.
Liability Insurance: The boater may cause to someone else in an accident since this covers bodily injury and property damage.
Physical Damage: From theft, fire, vandalism, wind, hail and collision and this covers the boat and its attached fittings and fixtures.
Guest Passenger Liability Insurance: If a permissible passenger causes an accident while operating the boat, expenses are covered.
Extra Coverage: Additional benefits in your coverage can include Salvage Coverage, Pollution Liability Insurance,
Tow Trailer Coverage, Agreed Value Insurance, Personal Effects Coverage, and Fishing Equipment Coverage.

Boat & Personal Watercraft Insurance Broker

If you are looking for the right boat and/or personal watercraft insurance policy, you can count on the team of brokers at InsureWise LLC to determine the best policy for you. We are able to compare applicable insurance companies against each other so that we get the best fit for your needs. Call us today!


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