Condo Insurance Policy

Condo insurance covers your condo unit and your belongings as there are several standard types of coverage that help protect you. Additional, optional coverage to help further protect what matters most to you may also be needed. Costs resulting from covered perils are helped when getting paid through condo insurance. The expenses caused by theft, fire and smoke, vandalism, as well as sudden and accidental water damage from your water heater, plumbing, heating or air conditioning system, or household appliances are covered with your condo insurance policy.

What is Not Covered By Condo Association Insurance?

Even if your condominium association has their own coverage, condo insurance can still come in handy. The condominium building, commonly owned property, and liability insurance for the association is covered under this insurance. A break in, someone injuring themselves slipping on your wet kitchen floor, or water damage to your living room walls, are examples where an insurance policy won’t cover you or your things, unfortunately. This is where condo insurance designed specifically for condo or co-op owners.

Does Condo Insurance Cover Liability?

To help protect your personal property and the interior of your unit, condo policies are in place so you will also have liability protection for bodily injury or property damage to others. For a condominium insurance policy that will provide these coverages, it is simple to get a quote with InsureWise. Depending on a number of factors, including the types of protection and coverage limits you choose will dictate the amount you pay for condo insurance. You can choose the type and amount of coverage that fits your needs and identify any potential discounts as InsureWise llc will help you review your options.

Condo Insurance Broker

If they are stolen or damaged by certain perils, such as fire or vandalism, condo insurance generally helps pay to repair your unit and your belongings. Condo personal property coverage helps protect your personal property, structural improvements you make to your condo unit and provides additional living expenses. To find the best condo insurance policy for your circumstances, call InsureWise LLC to guide you.


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