Landlord Rental Property Insurance

Landlord insurance is a policy for someone who rents out a home they own. In order to give a landlord protection with their rental property, landlord insurance covers you financially from damages or injuries related to said rental property. If you as a property owner are responsible for the entire building, including the exterior and roof, you should consider a landlord home insurance policy. InsureWise LLC experts can help you find a landlord policy if you own a house as well as an apartment or condo unit and rent it out. If you own a condo or apartment and do not own the entire structure, this coverage would be different than a landlord policy for a building or homeowner. In this case, you may need a different type of property insurance to protect your investment.

What Can You Claim on Landlord Insurance?

InsureWise LLC experts offer you confidence with landlord insurance coverage for your rental property. No matter if need to sublet your home for a year while you travel for business or you own multiple rental properties; we can help you find the best coverage. Most landlord policies cover property and liability protection such as the following:
– Liability Situations
– Landlord Appliances and Furnishings
– Extra Out of Pocket Expenses
– Damage to the Structure damage

How Do I Protect My Property as a Landlord?

Landlord insurance policies typically include property protection that helps cover physical property related to the home being rented out. This may include the dwelling itself, other structures such as a detached garage or fences as well as personal equipment you keep on site to help maintain the rental such as a lawnmower.

What Does Liability Cover on a Landlord Policy?

The liability portion of a landlord insurance policy may help you pay for another person’s medical bills and/or your legal expenses if someone else is injured on your rental property and you are found responsible such as if you failed to adequately maintain the property which caused a safety hazard.

Landlord Rental Property Insurance

When you are responsible for a rental property and act as a landlord, you need financial protection against a number of variables and circumstances. Call us today to schedule a consultation or fill out the quick quote form below so we can find the right coverage to protect you as a landlord.


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