Arborist & Landscape Insurance

Working as an arborist or landscaper has it risks associated with the job, and as such, you need to assess your business risks and liabilities carefully. The tools and substances you and your employees handle and other aspects of your work can result in injury to your workers or others, as well as damage, loss and liability for you. The work you perform needs to be considered when investing in insurance coverage. You can have peace of mind when you work with InsureWise LLC, a knowledgeable insurance agent, ensures that you get adequate coverage for those risks.

What Kind of Insurance Should an Arborist or Landscaper Have?

General Liability Insurance: While performing tree care, removing trees or driving to and from job sites, this basic liability policy covers many of the liability risks all businesses face, such as property damage and bodily injury that you or your employees cause.
Professional Liability Insurance: Professional liability or “errors and omissions” coverage can provide protection against liability claims due to negligence, poor advice, or recommended services that result in a client’s loss, if you provide landscaping and tree care advice.
Product Liability Insurance: This coverage can provide protection if products you sell cause damage or injury. This includes trimming tools, sprayers, chemicals and fertilizers.
Business Property Insurance: Whether you own your business premises, and the equipment and tools you use on the job, the coverage you need for your business property and equipment depends on whether you work out of an office space.
Commercial Vehicle Insurance: Specific to your commercial vehicles and drivers, this insurance policy will provide coverage similar to your personal auto insurance.
Business Interruption or Loss of Income Insurance: Ongoing operational costs and employee pay is covered if your business must temporarily cease operations with this policy.
Workers Compensation: This policy will cover job related injuries or illnesses and lost income.

Arborists and Landscaper Insurance

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