Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

The InsureWise LLC Team offers a number of quality insurance services for the residents of Nevada, Arizona and Utah. We are an independent insurance broker, giving us the advantage of working directly for you instead of an insurance company.

With the benefits of InsureWise LLC as your insurance expert, you can have affordable, high-quality insurance for all of your individual and/or business needs.

Among the many insurance services we can help you obtain, is commercial auto insurance tailored for your company.

What is Commercial Auto Insurance Used For?

To cover vehicles such as cars, trucks and vans that are used for businesses, you need commercial auto insurance.

This insurance policy covers vehicle damage and driver injuries that have occurred during company use of the vehicles.

Commercial auto insurance can provide comprehensive protection for damages that are unrelated to an accident (e.g., losses related to theft, floods, vandalism and fires).

What is Covered Under a Commercial Auto Policy?

Commercial auto insurance policies generally cover business vehicle’s associated with damage to the vehicle, driver injuries, injuries of another party, damage sustained to another party’s property, and so forth. Because business vehicles need more protection in case of accidents, commercial auto policies tend to have higher coverage limits than personal policies. When it comes to commercial auto coverage, InsureWise LLC can help you insure your commercial cars, vans, pickup trucks, box trucks, service utility trucks, and food trucks. We even can help you insure your semi-truck and/or tractor trailers.

Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

If you own, lease, hire or use vehicles for your business, you should minimally carry liability coverage. This is mandatory in most states for owned autos. In addition, businesses that move goods or people across state lines are required by federal law to have it. For larger commercial vehicles, you may need a commercial truck insurance policy. When it comes to commercial auto insurance policies in Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, you want InsureWise LLC to help you find quality coverage that fits your business’s needs and budget. Call us today for a consultation and we can discuss the details, answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have.


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