Commercial Janitorial & House Cleaning Insurance

From an injury requiring workers’ compensation to a business auto accident, janitor and house cleaner insurance is coverage tailored to help protect your business and employees from a variety of risks that can happen on the job. Since it can protect from losses that can potentially devastate your janitorial and house cleaning business, having the right insurance is important. InsureWise LLC can assist with setting up a janitorial and house cleaning services insurance policy specialized to your needs.

What Kind of Insurance Should a Janitor or House Cleaner Have?

General Liability Insurance: In addition to protection against lawsuits, general liability covers mistakes or accidents that could carry high costs. Should someone injured present a lawsuit for their medical bills, general liability would protect you. An example is if while mopping, an employee forgets to put out a “Wet Floor” sign and a customer slip for instance.
Commercial Auto Insurance: You will need commercial auto coverage if you use your vehicle for work, such as to transport supplies or employees. There are specialized limits and exclusions for work vehicles with a commercial auto policy.

Additional Insurance Coverage Available

Business Owners’ Policy (BOP) Insurance: Business owners policy insurance AKA BOP insurance, is a policy that combines both property and liability coverage into one package. It is popular among a variety of small and medium-sized businesses including cleaning companies.
Workers’ Compensation: Injuries or illnesses that occur at work that results in medical expenses and lost wages is covered with worker’s comp.

Janitorial Business Insurance Broker

With these coverages, your janitorial and house cleaning business can be better protected. Call InsureWise LLC and let us help you better protect your business today or fill out the quote form below. We will sift through all the insurance options available to find the very best coverage for your cleaning business.


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