Dentist & Dental Office Insurance

In addition to needing insurance to comply with state laws or the terms of a lease, a dentist and dental office needs to protect their business. From the legal and financial repercussions of everyday accidents to accidental occasional injuries, insurance for dentists shields your small practice. InsureWise can help you get the proper coverage that helps your business stay protected and offers success.

General Liability Insurance for Dental Practice

Basic third-party risks, like an injury from a patient tripping in your office is covered with general liability. Also, it is frequently a requirement for commercial leases. This policy is best for:
– Accidents related to Slip-and-fall
– Libel & other advertising injuries
– Patient property that got damaged

Business Owner’s Policy

This is a cost-effective way for dental professionals to purchase commercial property insurance and general liability coverage together. Ideally protects you from:
– Damage to patient property
– Slip-and-fall mishaps
– Destroyed or stolen business property

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

For dental offices that have employees, most states require workers’ comp. Also, sole proprietors from work injury costs that health insurance might deny, may be protected. This is ideally for:
– Employee injuries lawsuits
– Medical expenses for employee
– Disability benefits

Commercial Auto Insurance

For vehicles owned by a dentist’s office, most states require commercial auto insurance. The cost of an accident involving your business vehicle has help covering costs. Used for:
– Auto accident caused medical bills
– Your vehicle is the cause of damage
– Vehicle vandalism & theft

Cyber Liability Insurance

To help dentist offices survive data breaches and cyberattacks, this policy is essential. For extra savings, it can often be added to a BOP or general liability policy. Best suite in:
– Customer notification expenses
– Monitoring fraud costs
– Data breach lawsuits

Dentist & Dental Office Insurance

For your dental practice, call InsureWise today and we will help your get the best coverage available with your budget.


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