Floral or Flower Shop Insurance for Florists

Operating any business has specific risks, and florists are no exception. While you focus on making your business operations thrive, InsureWise helps you build an insurance policy that protects your floral shop business and its assets. Working with water to preserve the flowers can create hazardous puddles, a power outage can be devastating as the refrigeration can no longer maintain fresh flowers, and other such disasters requires you to have adequate coverage.

Which Types of Insurance are Essential for a Floral Shop?

InsureWise helps you create the right coverage ideal for your business and customizes the insurance, so it is better tailored to correspond to your business’s specific needs.
Commercial Property Insurance. This is necessary if an incident damages your shop, contents, inventory, and equipment, you are covered.
Liability Insurance. When it comes to claims and lawsuits arising from property damage and bodily injury, this protects you.

Additional Wedding Florist & Floral Shop Insurance

Other insurance likely to benefit includes, but is not limited to, the following:
– Season Increase
– Accounts Receivable Coverage
– Spoilage Coverage
– Equipment Breakdown Coverage
– Employee Dishonesty Coverage
– Utility Interruption Loss of Income Coverage
– Commercial Auto
– Commercial Liability Umbrella
– Workers Compensation Insurance
– Data Compromise & Identity Restoration

Floral or Flower Shop Insurance for Florists

While you strive to keep your floral shop operating at its best, there are always concerns over losing your product, sustaining damage to your shop, or bodily injury occurring to a customer or employee. With the many different insurance coverages available for your flower shop business policy, you need an expert that can help you navigate through the details and help you select the right insurance specifically tailored to your individual needs. Call InsureWise today to discuss your insurance police that protects your florist business and we will help you find the best coverage for your budget and needs.


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