Garage Door Company Insurance

There is no doubt that you have a lot on your mind if you are providing garage door installation and repair services. Making sure every aspect of your business is functioning efficiently for a smooth and successful experience can be overwhelming. Thankfully, InsureWise LLC can help you get the best coverage for your business to give you peace of mind and give you the time to focus on your business. With every business needing insurance, you want to ensure the you have proper insurance coverage for your garage door service company, particularly because of the risks involved in this craft.

Do Garage Door Contractors Need General Liability Insurance?

This is the most common and comprehensive type of policy business owners invest in. Typically, general liability insurance covers many risks such as the following:
– Property damage
– Medical payments
– Legal defense and judgment
– Bodily injury

Garage Door Products Liability

Any products you use will be covered, like the garage door and the products that are used to install or repair it are covered under general liability insurance. After it has been installed or repaired, if there is an issue with the garage door like hardware that has prevented the door from opening and a client files a legal claim, products liability will cover the costs of the damage.

Premises Liability for Garage Door Service

For your garage door installation and repair business, it is likely that you have an office. Should you have an office, you need to be certain that you are protected from any injuries that may occur on the premises. Your insurance policy will cover the costs medical care, as well as any legal proceedings that may arise if in the event that a client slips and falls at your office and sustains an injury.

Completed Operations

For any issues with equipment that may arise after it has been installed, completed operations offers protection. The completed operations portion of commercial general liability insurance will cover the costs of any medical care that is needed, as well as legal proceedings that may arise if there was an issue with the garage door frame that caused the door to fall on top of a customer after it was installed, for example.

Additional Insurance Coverage

Additional coverage has its advantages. For your garage door service company, you may want to consider purchasing for your garage door installation and repair company outside of general commercial liability insurance. Business auto insurance is essential as your employees travel to your client’s destination. Workers’ compensation is another important coverage to better protects your employees while working on the clock as well.

Garage Door Company Insurance

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