Glass, Glazing Contractor & Glazier Insurance

In residences and commercial buildings, you are responsible for installing glass in windows, skylights, mirrors, and other fixtures as a glazier. From high-efficiency windows that keep a indoor temperature better regulated, to tempered glass doors that are less prone to breaking, your work plays an important role in construction. If an unexpected disaster strikes and the risks involved in such a profession, you want to be properly protected with the right insurance. InsureWise can help you attain the best policy for glaziers.

Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy

If you physically injure another person or cause damage to someone else’s property, general liability protects your business. From property damage to bodily injury as well as product and completed operations that covers you if issues arise months after the service, you are better protected.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If one of your employees is injured or killed while on the job, this provides funds for medical expenses and lost wages. Workers’ compensation insurance is required for companies that have employees in nearly every state.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance provides protection for buildings you own and property such as computers and inventory, stored at your premises and owned by your business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Should you or one of your employees causes injury or damage to someone else while driving a business vehicle or while driving for business purposes, the business is protected. Additionally, vehicles owned by your business are protected from damage or theft.

Glass, Glazing Contractor & Glazier Insurance

Additional coverage ideal for glaziers include commercial property insurance, mobile equipment insurance, and installation floater insurance. When it comes to getting the right coverage for glaziers, InsureWise is readily available to help you navigate through the insurance coverage and help you find the perfect policy to best meet your needs.


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