Hair Stylist Insurance

Even if you have done nothing wrong, hairdressers and hair stylists, even licensed ones, can be sued in the normal course of business. Causing physical injury to the client leaves you vulnerable to a liability lawsuit can come from anything from a bad haircut or dye job. Your best solution is to protect yourself with hairdresser insurance if you work in this industry and run a small business. InsureWise can help you choose from a number of policies to help protect you as a hairdresser.

Professional Liability Insurance

This insurance coverage is for claims against businesses that provide professional and personal services, such as for hairdressing businesses like yours. This coverage protects you from lost wages, loss of personal information, and protection from alleged malpractice.

General Liability Insurance

From another person or business’s claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs, personal injury and damage to property, this insurance protects your business. For reasons that have nothing to do with cutting hair or applying a specific beauty treatment, claims and lawsuits are brought against hairdressers more often than not. In any small business setting, injuries and damages can occur and hair salons are certainly no exception. With their hairdresser insurance needs every day, hairdressers who work in a wide variety of salons can trust InsureWise to help wade through their options to select the best for their needs.

Workers Compensation Insurance

A thriving hair salon can easily rely on many people ranging from a receptionist to hair stylists and salon assistants. Workers’ compensation insurance can help you deal with lawsuits linked to employee injuries that occur at work, and it will help the injured worker recover and return to work as quickly as possible. You want your valuable workers to return swiftly so you should help pay for their medical bills.

Hair Stylist Insurance

With the right coverage, InsureWise can include protection from personal injury, bodily injury, and property damage. Call InsureWise today to help you select hair stylist insurance to ensure you are efficiently covered. We can help you get the coverage you need within in your budget with affordable custom insurance policies.


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