Healthcare Facility Insurance

From changing business models, and technological innovations, to regulatory reforms, the healthcare industry has an ever-evolving number of risks. Customer relationships, productivity and financial goals can be negatively impacted by these risks. In order to help hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities, assess and mitigate these risks, InsureWise can help you customize your healthcare facility insurance policy to best meet your needs.

Types of Healthcare Facilities that Need Insurance

Healthcare facilities insurance protects, but is not limited to, the following:
– Audiologists
– Dentists
– Dermatologists
– Diagnostic testing labs
– Doctors
– Occupational health centers
– Optometrists
– Physical and speech therapy
– Podiatrists
– Surgery centers
– And more

General Liability Insurance

This is often used for slip-and-fall injuries, damage to a patient’s property, as well as libel and slander lawsuits issues. The policy protects you from third-party lawsuits due to events that happened in the health care facility.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

Often a cost-effective option for medical professionals to buy general liability coverage and commercial property insurance together is through a BOP (Business Owner’s Policy). Business interruption incidents, any damage to medical equipment or your building, as well as slip and fall related accidents are covered.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

For healthcare facilities that have employees, most states require workers’ comp. Also, sole proprietors from work injury costs that health insurance might deny is also protected. Employee injury-related lawsuits, medical expenses of employees, and partial missed wages are covered.

Healthcare Facility Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Management Liability Insurance, Coverage for Patients’ Personal Effects, Decontamination Coverage, Uncontaminated Stock Policy, Radioactive Contamination Policy, Accounts Receivable Coverage, Off-Premises Utilities, Umbrella Coverage, Flood Insurance and Mobile Medical Coverage as well as Cyber Liability Insurance are also commonly implemented in the insurance coverage for healthcare facilities. To help get the right coverage for your healthcare facility, call InsureWise and let us help you make a customized policy specific to your needs.


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