Home Builders Insurance

There are many different risks associated with home builders, whether large or small, during the course of construction. To determine those risks, contractors need a professional insurance agent, such as InsureWise to help them navigate home builder insurance. Our experts can help tailor your specific needs to offer the protection you need for your home builders’ business.

Builders Risk Insurance Policy

In the event of an incident, from losses to property and financially, a builder’s risk policy protects builders and contractors. As it may include the materials used on the job site, losses may occur to the property or structure. To help protect you in the event of a fire, flood or theft, we will help you get the right coverage in place. In the event of losses due to project penalties or unexpected costs, like taxes, you may also opt to have additional coverage.

What is Covered Under a Builders Risk Policy?

Concerning home builders risk insurance, InsureWise evaluates the project with you as we work as a consultant to determine your insurance needs and risks. For instance, such options may include the following:
– Project sites and trailers
– Policy time frames
– Remodeling, new Construction, and rehabs
– Financial costs due to delays
– Coverage for framing, cleanup, debris
– And more

Other Insurance for Home Builders

Just as important as builder’s risk insurance, InsureWise can help you find the best protection for contractors that is specifically designed as personalized and comprehensive coverage. Essential policy coverages for your home builder’s insurance includes:
– General Liability
– Contractor’s Liability Enhancement
– Commercial Auto Liability

Home Builders Insurance

Contact InsureWise today to customize your insurance policy according to the needs of your specific home builder business. We can help you find the best policy for your company today! Call us or fill out the quick quote form below.


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