Insurance for a Boutique Clothing Store

Especially for small business owners, running retail stores takes a lot of hard work. When you take on your own boutique or clothing store, there are many challenges you face and risks you take. To help keep it running successfully, InsureWise can help you find and obtain the specific protection you need. From bridal shop owners to specialty sellers and even seamstresses, we can customize your insurance for every type of clothing shop and your individual business needs.

Do I Need Insurance for My Boutique Clothing Store?

Those who need boutique/ clothing insurance include:
– Clothing stores
– Sportswear shops
– Teenage apparel stores
– Ready-to-wear apparel shops
– Maternity wear stores
– Dress shops
– Bridal shops
– Clothing Boutiques

What Insurance Does a Boutique Clothing Store Need?

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is what many clothing store owners start with, which bundles these essential coverages into one below:
1) General Liability Insurance. From claims of bodily injury and property damage, this helps protect your business.
2) Commercial Liability Insurance. If a fire, theft or other covered loss destroys or damages your property, commercial property insurance can help protect your business.
3) Business income Insurance/ Business Interruption Insurance. If in the unfortunate event you have to temporarily shut down due to fire, theft or wind or other covered damage, this insurance offers some protection.

Do I Need Insurance for an Online Clothing Boutique?

Like other e-commerce businesses, online clothing boutiques should have general liability insurance and product liability insurance to protect against some of the most common risks e-commerce retailers face, such as customer injury and property damage.

Insurance for a Boutique Clothing Store

There is additional insurance coverage you may need to consider such as Workers’ Comp if you have employees, commercial auto insurance if you rely on a vehicle for your business, and so forth. To create a policy that protects your business and fits in with your budget, InsureWise can help you. Call us to get started today or fill out the quick and easy quote form below.


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