Insurance for Cosmetologists, Estheticians & Massage Therapists

No matter if you are a cosmetologist, esthetician, or massage therapist, you need to be properly insured to protect yourself in your small business. Being in the service industry, you are faced with risks that are unique to your specific trade. Having your insurance tailored to your line of work is an essential part of ensuring you are successful in this chosen field. InsureWise has the expertise to help you find the best coverage for your business that fits your budget.

General Liability Insurance

Commonly included in the policy, general liability basically protects you against costly claims and lawsuits, including a customer injury at a salon, are covered under the policy. For example, if a client gets hurt while getting a massage or while getting their hair done, then the massage therapist or hair stylist can be held responsible for the injury. If their property gets damaged while you are performing your professional service, then you can be held responsible for that damage as well. Even if you are determined to not be responsible, there are expensive attorney fees you would have to pay. General liability insurance provides coverage for all those scenarios, and more!

Property Insurance

From an accidental direct physical loss, this protects your business building(s), contents, and equipment, property insurance helps keep you covered.

Business Owner Policy (BOP) Insurance

To insure a cosmetology or personal care business, a BOP is the most cost-effective way as it is bundles commercial property insurance and general liability coverage at a discount.

Professional Liability Insurance

This protects small businesses against the costs of client lawsuits over unsatisfactory work, professional liability insurance, also called errors and omissions insurance is ideal in this industry.

Additional Insurance Coverage

Additional insurance coverage ideal for cosmetologists, estheticians, and massage therapists include business income insurance, commercial auto insurance, cyber liability insurance, and more.

Insurance for Cosmetologists, Estheticians & Massage Therapists

To ensure you have a policy specifically tailored to your individual needs, call InsureWise. We will help you get the best coverage for you and your budget. As we navigate the many insurances designed to protect you, your trade, and your business, we can create the optimal policy that keeps you protected.


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