Insurance for Dog & Pet Groomers

Pet groomers spend the day taking care of dogs. When you love your job, you want to make sure the business is protected. InsureWise can help you get the coverage you need with pet grooming insurance, whether you’re looking for dog groomer insurance for your dog training business or doggy daycare.

Do Dog Groomers Need Insurance

Working with dogs comes with potential risks that other business owners don’t have to worry about though working with dogs has its perk. Having the right type of business insurance can make all the difference for a dog trainer or dog groomer. Those who benefit from dog grooming insurance policies include:
– Pet Kennels
– Pet Grooming Business
– Pet Care Businesses
– Mobile Grooming Companies
– Doggy Daycares
– Dog Training Businesses
– Dog Groomers

Dog Grooming Insurance

Most small businesses start with a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) which combines general liability, commercial property, and business income insurance to help protect you from claims that may come from normal operations

General Liability Insurance

When bodily injury or property damage to someone else’s belongings is caused due to your business, this insurance covers claims.

Commercial Property Insurance

The place where you do business and the equipment you use is protected with this. Whether you own or lease your equipment this coverage applies and can include:
– Leashes
– Kennels
– Grooming tables
– Grooming and training equipment
– Crates
– Collars

Business Income Insurance

If you can’t open because of covered property damage, this help replace lost income at your pet grooming, pet training or pet boarding business.

Insurance for Dog & Pet Groomers

Additional insurance may include commercial auto insurance for those that drive to clients, workers compensation insurance for businesses that involve employees, and so forth. To help you get the right insurance for your dog grooming business, call InsureWise and let us find the right coverage for you.


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