Insurance for Interior Designers

Those that make people’s indoor spaces more aesthetically pleasing, safe, and functional are commonly known as interior designers. Professional and general liability insurance are essential for interior designers. No matter how strongly you feel about your vision for a room or property, it is not uncommon for clients to disagree with certain approaches or methods in an industry in which advice is based on personal taste. While continuing to provide dynamic and unique consultation to your clients, obtaining insurance for interior designers is a great way to protect yourself. In any case, InsureWise can hep you find the right coverage for you and your budget to ensure you are protected.

Design Professional Liability & Other Insurance

At the very least, interior designers should have a few general policies that are all designed to help you run your design business with confidence including Professional Liability (E&O), General Liability (CGL), and Business Owners Policy (BOP).
Professional Liability Insurance. Coverage for negligence, defense costs, personal injury (such as libel and slander) and also claims against past-rendered services are a few included benefits to decorators. This type of insurance is very important for professionals who regularly provide services, though claims such as fraudulent acts, usually aren’t covered by professional liability insurance.
General Liability. In addition to bodily injury and associated medical costs, General Liability or commercial general liability (CGL), covers small businesses against claims by others of property damage.
Business Owners Policy (BOP). A business owners policy (BOP) may be the best choice for many interior designers. It is often used to provide coverage to small businesses with the aim of protecting valuable equipment as a BOP is a combination of general liability and business property insurance. This would cover the cost to replace the equipment and get the business back up and running if an interior designer’s computer equipment is stolen would be protected by a BOP.

Insurance for Interior Designers

There are other policies that can be combined to with the above policies to offer specific coverage for your own unique circumstances. Call InsureWise today and let us help you create insurance coverage specific to your own interior design business.


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