Insurance for Mechanics Garage, Auto Body & Vehicle Repair Shops

As a unique business, auto repair shops can offer a wide range of mechanical and auto body services for all different makes and models of vehicles. In some cases, the auto repair will be affiliated with other entities such as a car dealership or filling station. In other situations, the auto repair shop is its own service. Also, some auto repairs can specialize in specific repairs, specific makes, and other specific subject. No matter which applies to you, you want to ensure the risks you face have protection. InsureWise can help you navigate through the various policies and insurance options.

What is a Garage Insurance Policy

To protect against a wide variety of liabilities often faced by garage owners, an auto body shop or auto repair shop, you need auto service and repair insurance, or sometimes known as garage insurance. Any business that needs garage insurance includes those that physical location such as a garage, parking lot, or storage area used to repair or store vehicles. These businesses include:
– Transmission shops
– Tow or impound lots
– Tire and battery repair shops
– Muffler shops
– Body shops
– Automotive repair shops
– Auto dealerships

General Liability Insurance Coverage for Auto Repair Shops

Every business, including auto repair shops, should invest in general liability to protect them from lawsuits and medical costs that could arise from the injury of someone while on their business premises. If you have employees, you need workers’ compensation insurance. Property and Equipment Insurance and business insurance are also ideal for your auto repair shop business.

Insurance for Mechanics Garage, Auto Body & Vehicle Repair Shops

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