Insurance for Security Alarm Contractors

Any business will have standard risks involved, but Alarm and Electronic Security Monitoring Companies will have their share of unique risks due to the nature of their business. When it comes to the electronic security industry including alarm installation and monitoring companies, InsureWise can help tailor your coverage to get you the best insurance policy right for your needs and budget. To cover the unique claims that are seen by installers, central station monitoring operators, and dealers, InsureWise will outline further details below.

Insurance Coverage Ideal for Alarm Contractor Policies

– General Liability
– Waiver of Subrogation
– Primary Non-Contributory Wording
– Lost Key Coverage
– Errors and Omission included up to policy limits
– Blanket Additional Insured’s
– Alarm Theft Extension
To make sure our policies provided the broadest coverage at the most competitive rates, our insurance package for the industry was put together. Due to insurance policies restrictions, your business, and the expansion of your business, will not be limited. The ideal insurance for Alarm Contractors include related business such as Alarm Installation, Alarm Monitoring, Electronic Security, Burglary Alarm, CCTV Contractors, Electronic Surveillance, Security Guards, and more.

Additional Alarm Contractor Insurance

From the one-man operation to the multi-state risk, InsureWise can tailor coverage for all size companies. Our experts can help you obtain the coverage you need at the most competitive rates, no matter if you are a new business or been long established. Additional insurance for Alarm Contractors can also include the following:
– Workers’ Compensation Insurance
– Umbrella Insurance
– Employee Practices Liability Insurance
– Directors and Officers Insurance
– Business Property Insurance
– Business Auto Insurance
– Bonds Insurance
– Cyber Liability Insurance

Insurance for Alarm Contractors

Call InsureWise today and let us help you navigate through the various insurance coverages to ensure you have the most optimal insurance policy for your alarm contractor business.


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