Insurance for Veterinarians & Animal Hospitals

Running a veterinary practice comes with a lot of risks, so having the right insurance coverage is imperative. At InsureWise, we can help you to find the best coverage to assist you recover from the issues you are likely to face day to day from running a business, such as property damage or losing critical files. Also, InsureWise can help you get the right coverage for the unique risks you face while running a veterinary practice.

who Needs Veterinary Insurance?

Those who benefit from Veterinary Insurance include, but is not limited to, the following:
– Veterinarian-acupuncturist
– Livestock veterinary services
– Animal specialty veterinarians
– Animal hospitals
– Veterinary therapies
– Veterinary disease testing services
– Veterinarians for pets
– Veterinarian-neurologist

Professional Liability, Business Owner’s Policy & Other Insurance Coverage

Many small businesses start with a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), which include generally liability, commercial property, and business income insurance. This helps protect you from claims that may come from normal operations from these essential coverages.
General Liability Insurance – From claims that your business caused bodily injury or property damage, this helps protect you.
Commercial Property Insurance – Your practice’s physical location and equipment, such as exam tables, medical carts, and surgical tools are protected with this coverage.
Business Income Insurance – If you can’t open because of a covered property damage, like a fire, this can help replace your practice’s lost income.
Professional Liability Insurance – Please note that employed veterinarians must carry individual professional liability insurance for protection. The employer as part of a benefits package may pay for coverage for employed veterinarians. When the employer does not provide you with a professional liability policy in your name, you must obtain liability insurance.

Insurance for Veterinarians & Animal Hospitals

You may need additional coverage depending on your outfit, from workers’ compensation to commercial auto insurance if you travel to patients and if you have employees. Considering the insurance available, you need an expert to help navigate and get the coverage you need tailored to your specific needs. Call InsureWise today to get started on the coverage.


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