Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Service Insurance

Frequently exposed to risks that can lead to accidents and financial loss are landscape and other various lawn care related businesses. When you need protection from potentially devastating effects that can result from those risks, InsureWise can help you find the right coverage customized for your specific needs. When it comes to your individual business, as well as yourself, you need insurance!

Basic Insurance for Landscapers & Lawn Care Providers

Below are a few insurance coverages you will want to consider for your landscape and/or lawn care maintenance businesses.
General Liability Insurance: This is the most common insurance that most businesses have, and it is essential for landscaping liability insurance. Property damage, bodily injury, and other liabilities for which your business is responsible is covered in these instances. Also, many of your clients may consider this coverage a prerequisite to working for them.
Commercial Auto Insurance: You will likely need a commercial auto policy if you use your vehicle to transport work supplies such as mowers, fertilizer and tools. For vehicles used for work, standard auto policies typically have coverage limitations or restrictions. Including pick-ups, dump trucks, and utility trailers, many vehicles common to landscapers are covered.

Additional Insurance for Landscaping Contractors & Lawn Maintenance Specialists

Business Owners Insurance Policy (BOP): Coverage for commercial buildings and personal property is combined with general liability into one package.
Workers’ Compensation Insurance: While at work, this protects your employees who become injured or ill.

Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Service Insurance

The cost of your landscaping insurance depends on a few factors such as the services you provide, where you work, your coverage limit, size of your team, and the length of coverage required. InsureWise can help you with your landscaping or lawn maintenance company insurance quote. Our in-house insurance specialists can find the best business insurance products to meet your needs. Call us today to get started!


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