Photographer Insurance

Coverage customized to meet the insurance needs of a professional photographer is photographer insurance. As it can help protect your business from the potentially devastating cost of a claim, choosing the right coverages to meet your needs is vital. The expertise of InsureWise LLC can help set you up with the right business insurance for photographers.

Cost of Photographer Business Insurance

Depending on a range factor determined by the size of the photography business, number of employees and risk factors etc, the cost of photography insurance can vary. For instance, when compared to a company with just one studio and photographer, a photography company with multiple studios and photographers will have a different premium.

Basic Business Insurance Coverage for Photographers

General Liability: To protect your business from mishaps and their resulting lawsuits, you need photographer liability insurance. A guest slips on a tripod leg and is injured while shooting a wedding, for example. Medical expenses could be covered with general liability.
Commercial Auto: You will need commercial auto coverage to insure it if in the event your vehicle is used for photography business purposes, such as carrying your equipment to a shoot. If it is being used for business purposes, nearly all personal auto policies will not cover your vehicle.
Workers’ Compensation: Should they be injured while working, workers comp coverage protects your employees.
Business Owners’ Policy (BOP): With commercial property damage into one photographer business insurance policy, a BOP is an easy way to combine general liability coverage.

Photographer Insurance

Photographers rely on expensive equipment to get the best shots for their valued clients tut having these costly tools can expose you to even more risks. The right business insurance can help protect you, your business, equipment and staff. When you need a customized policy to fit your budget and your needs while working in the photography industry, call InsureWise LLC and let us help you get the best policy for you.


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