Swimming Pool & Spa Contractor Insurance

Though it can be a very lucrative operation, pool and spa contractors have some unique risks that business owners need to consider. InsureWise can help swimming pool and/or spa contractors with an insurance plan that protects you from equipment breakdown, customer lawsuits, vehicle accidents, regulatory issues, and much more.

What Insurance Do Above Ground & Below Ground Pool & Spa Contractors Need?

General Liability Insurance. This offers broad coverage for your business and when it comes to property damage, injuries, and special circumstances that are unique to the industry, like design or installation errors, water levels, and so forth, you are covered.
Umbrella Liability Insurance. This policy generally adds more in-depth coverage to your general liability clause. From claims that exceed the limits of the primary coverage, this extension can protect pool and spa contractors from claims.
Worker’s Comp Insurance. For work-related injuries or illnesses including, wages from lost work time, medical care, and more, worker’s compensation coverage provides benefits to employees. In addition to your business’s best interests, this is a common policy that helps business owners safeguard their worker’s.
Property Choice Insurance. The property that a pool or spa contractor owns and leases is protected with this insurance, which can include equipment like product inventory, supplies, cement mixers and backhoes, and tools that are used for pool or spa installation. We can tailor this insurance to fit the unique needs of any particular business.

Swimming Pool & Spa Contractor Insurance

Additional insurance solutions for pool and spa businesses include:
– Management Liability Coverage
– Theft of Client Property / Third-party Crime Coverage
– Cyber Security Coverage
– Replace Broken Equipment With Green Technology
– Data Breach Coverage
– Business Income Coverage
– Accounts Receivable
– Business Income for Off-Premises Utility Services Coverage (OPUS)
– Contractors Limited Pollution
– Per Project Aggregate
– Property in Transit
Contact InsureWise and let us help you find the best coverage to protect your pool / spa contractor business!


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