Workers Compensation Insurance

Throughout the states of Nevada, Arizona and Utah, InsureWise LLC can you help find remarkable insurance coverage that is affordable and tailored to your specific needs. No matter if you need to insure your home, vehicle, life or business, you can count on InsureWise LLC to help you choose the right coverage best for you.

Since InsureWise LLC is an independent insurance broker, our team of experts work directly for you instead of an insurance company. Among the insurance coverage we provide, InsureWise LLC includes workers comp insurance.

What Does Workers Compensation Insurance Mean?

Insurance that covers medical expenses and a portion of lost wages for employees who become injured or ill on the job is workers’ compensation insurance, commonly known as workers’ comp. Employee rehabilitation and death benefits is also included in coverage. Workers comp reduces your liability for work-related injuries and illnesses as without this coverage, your employees can sue you for a work-related injury or illness to help pay for their medical costs or lost wages.

What Does Workmans Comp Insurance Cover?

Employers must follow each state has its own unique set of workers’ compensation laws. Regardless of employee negligence, these regulations help ensure that employers provide coverage for the cost of work-related injuries or occupational diseases. If their injury or illness relates to their job duties or employment, an employee can only receive benefits. Injuries caused by slipping on a wet or oily surface, lifting heavy equipment, or sustaining injury due to fires or explosions could also be covered.

What is Not Covered Under a Workers Compensation Program?

Workers’ compensation insurance won’t cover them in the event an employee isn’t acting within the scope of their employment and becomes injured, like playing football with friends on a day off for example.

Workers Compensation Insurance

When it comes to choosing workers comp insurance for your business, let InsureWise LLC navigate the information to help you select the best coverage that fits your budget and business needs. Call us today!


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