Desi L

Las Vegas, NV
July 7, 2021

I was looking for a lower insurance company with the same coverage if not a better 1 in this day and age I am sure everyone is trying to save some money I called around and was getting higher rates I have a clean driving record (knock on wood ) so I didnt understand why and then I called Insurewise and spoke with James Clayton we spoke for a while I told him what I was looking for he said give him 45mins to do some search with all my info that he needed he called back in 20mi s said he found what I was looking for same type of coverage but way lower payments and it is saving me hundreds of dollars a year. So I am happy to say this is now my Insurance guy he walked me thru the whole process and was very understanding when I said I’m not good at computers he said come on in to his office and we did it all in less than 30 mins

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