What are Common Questions about Life Insurance in Gardnerville, NV? Ideal Coverage, Main Types & More

When you feel like a life insurance policy is needed to support your loved ones if you pass away suddenly, you may find you have a lot of questions. Getting life insurance can be confusing! To better understand how life insurance works and hopefully answer some of your questions, InsureWise LLC would like to share some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers when it comes to life insurance policies.

Who Needs or Receives the Benefits of Life Insurance?

Who needs or benefits from having life insurance will greatly vary from person to person. Life insurance is for anyone who wants to secure their loved ones in the event something bad was to happen to them. Life insurance is mostly sought for the primary provider of a household or the parents. For those who find their job may be more hazardous than others, these people will often also want to make sure they have life insurance. Life insurance can serve a few different purposes such as:
• Cover Cost of Previous Medical Expenses upon Death
• Cover Burial and Funeral Costs
• Supplement Loved Ones and Family Member’s Income

What are the Main Types of Life Insurance?

When researching life insurance policies, you may discover there are two different types of policies. Additionally, each policy type can be tailored to fit the needs of the insurer. However, you will need to tailor either a term or a permanent insurance policy. Here are some of the defining differences between the two types of life insurance policies.
• Term Insurance: A term insurance policy has lower premiums in the early years of the policy. A term policy also does not build up any cash value in the future. You can combine a cash value policy with a term policy if you wish. A term insurance policy also has a time limit usually about one to a few years long, and it only pays a death benefit if the person dies. If needed, you can renew and extend a term policy. However, if you have a health condition, your premiums will be higher.
• Permanent Insurance: A permanent life insurance policy will last the entire life time of the holder. Depending on how you tailor the policy, a permanent life insurance policy includes benefits at the time of death as well as some additional cash savings and increased value. The premiums are usually higher because of the savings and cash benefits.

What is the Ideal Coverage of Life Insurance?

Many people wonder how much money will be enough to aid those you may leave behind. Each household and a person’s needs will vary greatly. This means the policy will be different for each person. It is good to sit down with an insurance agent and discuss your family’s needs and how much you can afford to pay into the life insurance policy.

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