What Insurance is Needed for a Home Business in Gardnerville Rancheros, NV? Liability Coverage & More

After COVID many people have started working from home and many companies have become home based businesses. If you work for yourself at home, or you own a company where your staff works out of their homes, you will want to have home based business insurance. For those who have a home based business, InsureWise LLC will share how you will need home based business insurance.

Does My Homeowners or Renters Insurance Cover My Home Business?

To keep a business running, many people have begun to work from home. However, just because you are working from home that doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance. Many companies have begun making some rather big mistakes in thinking they can drop certain types of insurance that help protect their company. Whether you have a medium to small size business, it is important to know that no homeowner’s or renter insurance policies will cover home based businesses. When running a business from employee’s homes, you will want to have a home based business insurance policy. There are different types of home based business insurance policies. Depending on your business, you will need the right insurance policy. Here are some of the types of home-based business insurance policies that can help a number of different types of businesses.

What Type of Insurance is Needed if You Run a Business from Home?

Business Property Insurance: If you or your employees use equipment such as a computer, fax machine, printer and etc., you will want to have Business Property Insurance. If your business depends on that equipment, think of what would happen if something breaks, or your employee’s home catches on fire. This scenario may seem farfetched, but it can and does happen. To have some financial help replacing damaged equipment, you will want to have Business Property Insurance.
Liability Insurance: One of the insurance plans most businesses will drop when employees work out of their home, is liability insurance. However, this is a major mistake. If you work from home and you have clients come to your home or other employees, a homeowners policy will not protect you if you or another person was injured due to a work related accident.
Product Liability Coverage: If you run a business that make products or supplies, you may want product liability coverage. This insurance will help protect your business’s property from any damages or injuries as the result of your products that you manufacture, supplied and or designed.
Business Automobile Coverage: If your or your employees make drop offs and pickups and are on the road, you may want to get business automobile insurance. If you or your employee is injured or the vehicle damaged while on the clock, Business Automobile Coverage will be needed.
Other Coverage: These are some of the best insurance policies for those who are working out of their home. However, there are many other coverage policies that may help protect your business. Some other insurance coverages you may want to consider is worker compensation or commercial crime insurance.

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Even though you and your employee’s are working from home, you do not want to be left unprotected. If you run a business out from home and want to look into home based business insurance, call InsureWise LLC today or click here to fill out our quick quote form.

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