What is the Purpose of Commercial Auto Insurance in Winnemucca, NV? Who Needs a Policy & More

When a business requires employees to drive to different locations for the purpose of the business, these businesses will want to have Commercial Auto Insurance. If one of your employees gets involved in an accident, the business will be liable, and not the driver. To ensure your business and its assets are protected, commercial auto insurance is essential. To better understand how commercial auto insurance can help your business, InsureWise LLC would like to share more on commercial auto insurance.

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance will cover the basics such as: collision loss, comprehensive loss, and liability coverage. Commercial auto insurance can cover vehicles the business owns, leases, or hires out. To better understand commercial auto insurance, here is a breakdown of the policy’s coverage.
• Collision Loss covers damages to the vehicle from an auto accident.
• Comprehensive Loss covers damages caused by weather, theft, and other non-collision related accidents.
• Liability Coverage of which there are two types of liability coverage that can be included in a commercial auto insurance policy. The first is Bodily Injury Coverage, which covers cost of the accident related injuries to others when you are at fault. The second type is Property Damage Coverage, which covers the cost of property damage to others when you are at fault.

Who Needs a Commercial Auto Policy?

If your business owns, leases, or hires vehicle and drivers for the purpose of running your business, then yes, you want commercial auto insurance. Not only should you carry commercial auto insurance but most states will demand that you do. If you have vehicles on the road without insurance, you can lose your business entirely. If you have a vehicle that crosses state lines, then it is a federal law that you have commercial auto insurance. To help clarify who needs commercial auto insurance, this is the basic guideline of who should have commercial auto insurgence.
• Vehicles are used for the business.
• The business carries a commercial license plate and or tags.
• The business has vehicles registered as commercial.
Some common examples of those who need commercial auto insurance are:
• Taxi, Limo, Lyft or Uber
• Delivery Driver – Food, Packages, shipper, and Etc.
• Supply pick up and drop off Services.
• Technician and Construction
These are but a few examples of businesses that should have commercial auto insurance but certainly not limited to these business models.

How Do You Get Commercial Car Insurance?

When you need commercial auto insurance, you will first want to seek out an insurance provider. From there they can help you develop a commercial auto insurance policy that is right for your business. There are other coverages you can add to your commercial auto insurance policy. Depending on the nature of your business, you may find you need more coverage than a basic commercial auto insurance policy.

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