What is Workers Compensation & Why is it Important in Aliante, NV? How Do Workers Comp Claims Work?

Do you have worker’s compensation insurance? As a business owner, you need to be able to cover medical expense and wages for an employee that has become injured or ill as the result of an accident while at work or an on the job injury. As a business owner, you can run your business into the ground simply covering the cost of one injured employee. Worker compensation insurance is the solution for every business owner. InsureWise LLC will share more about worker compensation insurance and why every business owner needs this essential coverage.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Definition

Worker’s compensation insurance provides coverage for medical expenses, loss wages, and rehabilitation for employees that have been injured or became ill while on the job. Worker’s compensation insurance also can pay benefits to the employee’s family if they were killed due to the job. Even businesses with less risky positions or jobs should still have worker’s compensation insurance. Worker’s compensation insurance not only helps the employees, but the business owner as well.

Coverage Rates of Worker’s Compensation InsuranceIs Worker’s Compensation Insurance Required?

For those who own a business, know that all states will require you to have worker’s compensation insurance. A business that fails to provide worker’s compensation insurance coverage will face costly repercussions. You can find the business paying out of pocket for an injured employee’s medical expense as well as lost wages. When a business fails to provide worker’s compensation, it can also lead to fines and even imprisonment. In some cases a business owner may lose the right to conduct business in the state.

How Worker’s Comp Claims Work

If you have an employee that was injured or became ill due to the job, the injured employee will need to visit a healthcare professional. The doctor will need to provide a medical report or documentation of current and future medical expenses to support their claim. The employee will need to file the claim to receive compensation. Filing a claim will involve state-mandated paperwork and forms as well as documentation of their medical condition and care. The employee will begin receiving their compensation until they are able to return to work.

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Worker’s compensation insurance is very important for a business owner to have. Even a fairly safe job can lead to an unexpected accident. Of course some jobs will have more risks than others. If you have just begun a new business or are unhappy with your current worker’s compensation insurance, contact InsureWise LLC. We provide worker’s compensation insurance and much more. To ensure that your business and employees are properly protected and provided for, contact InsureWise LLC today.

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