Why is Having Car Insurance So Important in Mesa, AZ? Legally Required, Covers More than Collisions & More

While extremely convenient, many of us have vehicles to get from one place to another, but we should all acknowledge that driving can be dangerous. You never know when another driver, cyclist, pedestrian, severe weather, or other natural event could cause an accident that involves you and your family even though you may have years of driving experience, obey all traffic laws, and keep on top of your car maintenance. Today, we at InsureWise LLC would like to stress the importance of car insurance.

Benefits of Having Your Own Auto Insurance

1) You are Legally Required to Have Car Insurance. For starters, you are not authorized to drive a car if you do not have auto insurance. The monetary penalties of driving without it could add up to thousands of dollars. Consequences can include large fines, suspending the driver’s license and more depending on the circumstances and number of offenses. The average cost of an auto liability claim was $92,643 for bodily injury and $5,480 for property damage in 2015 according to industry stats provided by the General Insurance Statistical Agency (GISA).
2) Save Money in the Long Run with Car Insurance. Having coverage protects your wallet from costly and unexpected expenses in the event of a collision. To help you and your family save thousands of dollars should an accident occur, a policy with liability coverage, accident benefits, and collision coverage is essential. To fit your current lifestyle, ask your local agent about customizing your policy. Make sure you’re properly informed and be cautious of auto insurance myths.
3) Car Insurance Protects Car & Driver. From scenarios that could have you paying for unforeseen expenses, insurance is there to protect you. Unfortunately, unavoidable accidents could happen because you’ll never know who you’re sharing the road with, leaving you or someone else in need of extended medical care. With a sudden inability to return to the workforce, the ongoing costs of caring for dependents, like your children, and more, accident benefits coverage could help you and your family cope. Through your policy’s liability coverage, your car insurer can also help protect your assets from bodily injury lawsuits made against you.
4) Auto Insurance Covers More than Collisions. Some people think they won’t need car insurance since they are excellent drivers. However, your insurance is there for more than just collisions. For example, if your car is stolen, destroyed in a fire, or vandalized, it is covered. It can have a far-reaching impact on your life, and the lives of others. No one can predict the future.
5) Customize Your Vehicle Insurance Policy. Remember that insurers can help customize your policy with added features to help ensure you have the coverage that suits you and your family if you’re worried about getting a quote that won’t be catered to your needs. To help you make informed decisions, have a good relationship with your agent.
Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: Such as theft, vandalism, and fire, this coverage includes physical damage to your car that isn’t the result of a collision.
Loss of Use Coverage: When your vehicle is being repaired as a result of theft or damage; you are reimbursed you for alternative transportation.
Disappearing Deductible: Until it disappears, this indicates your deductible decreases every consecutive term you go without a claim.

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Though paying into something you don’t use regularly, and hopefully will never need to use, can seem frustrating, once you consider what could happen if you didn’t have it, auto insurance is well worth having. For your auto insurance coverage in Nevada, Arizona and Utah, call on the insurance professionals of InsureWise LLC and let us help you find the best coverage for you! You can also fill out our convenient online quote form to get started.

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